January 01, 2015

Welcome to 2015 - My Way or No Way

Happy New Year!  

I know that the title of this sounds selfish and a bit arrogant, but it's intended to. I've spent a good many years doing everything the wrong way, if you are to judge by what I've accomplished. I feel like the problem is that I've been doing things everyone else's way, and it doesn't work for me, so now I'm going to do it my way and see if that works any better.

These are a few of the things I'm going to do my way this year:

1) Ignore Politics and Religion - It's very simple. These things annoy me, make me angry and destroy my peace of mind. I pretty much ignored them both for most of my life and was much happier doing so. Since the entire world has gone mad both politically and religiously, I've decided just to concentrate on my little corner of the world and not worry about things half a world away that I have no control over. I'm not going to change crazy people's minds, because, well -- they are crazy. Best to just leave them to their craziness unless it directly affects me.

2) Work On My Blogs Every Day - My poor, neglected blogs are my greatest shame. I started out to be a blogger, then got tied up in the business of making money. This year, my blogs are going to come first, since I am in a position where I don't really need to make as much money to survive. I will be posting in one or the other of them every day, and working on getting them all linked together on Simply Deb so you'll have an easy way to find everything for the week. I'll be sharing every post on my Simply Deb groups on Facebook and G+ and may actually get back into Twitter, because if nobody knows you're there, they can't very well follow you, can they?

3) Be Positive - This sounds relatively simple, but it sometimes isn't. Looking for silver linings when there are only dark clouds can be a daunting task, but I feel like there is always something to be thankful for. Maybe I'll start writing a gratitude journal again. I tried that once, but it was difficult to find five different things to be grateful for every day. This year, I'm going to just find one thing each day, so I won't get discouraged and quit. Surely, even when I'm having one of my worst days, I can find something to be grateful for. If I can't, I probably need serious psychological help.

4) Not Care What People Think of Me - Those of you who know me will think "Has she ever?"  Well, actually I have. I'm a strange sort of person with a strange way of looking at things. I'm an INFJ personality with a touch of ADHD and a loner to boot. Put all that together and I have a hard time keeping friends. So this year, I'm not going to worry about that. I'm going to be my own best friend and be happy and good to everyone I meet and not worry at all about impressing anyone.

5) Stop Sabotaging Myself Financially - In the past, I haven't worked as hard as I should have. I have bemoaned my fate too much when doing too little to change it. That stops this year. I'm going to work as hard as I can to get out of the financial hole I've dug myself and at least get back to standing on solid ground. I blame depression on my lack of success, but the fact is, I'm depressed because I'm not successful. I really feel like I should go by the old adage "The harder your work, the happier you get." Money can't buy happiness, but a sense of accomplishment certainly can, and money is certainly one of the signs of accomplishment.

6) Start Taking Better Care of Myself - Notice I did not say "lose weight" or "start exercising" or any of those other insane things people always resolve to do on New Year's Day. Taking care of myself is so much more complicated than that. I've been lazy about doing things that will make me not only feel better physically but feel better about myself. This year I'll start coloring my hair again, wearing makeup when I go out somewhere, and I'll buy some new clothes that look good on me. I'll spend whatever money I need to toward these purposes, although you know how cheap I am, so I'm probably not going to go hog wild. Still, I'll put myself first, because in order to accomplish the preceding 5 things, I will have to be my best and feel good about myself. 

O.K., so that's a lot, and the picture above says I can't do everything. I'm not really trying to do everything, only the things that really matter. Figuring out what those are has taken me a long time, but this year, doing what matters most to me is what it's all about. Selfish? Maybe. Do I care if people think I'm selfish? Not this year.


Gwyndolyn said...

Hi! I came over from the WD forum. What a wonderful and inspirational post! I can definitely relate to self-sabotaging your finances and not taking good care of oneself. Good luck in the new year! :)

Deborah Aldridge said...

Thank you, Gwendolyn! Good luck to you too.

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