February 28, 2015

Counting My Blessings

I am resurrecting this blog with a totally different message. It used to be mostly a commentary on things I found interesting or disturbing, with a lot of political and social posts. Now it's going to be something positive, where I find the silver linings around the clouds that seem to hang over our heads daily.

I've always been a pessimist. I justified it by saying that if you look for the best, you are usually disappointed, but if you look for the worst, you are usually pleasantly surprised. That way of thinking has gotten me nowhere. It's time for a change in attitude, since I can't change my latitude right now.

Speaking of changing my latitude, I am trying to decide whether to go further north to Pensacola or back to SW Florida to live in Englewood. I was going to move to Englewood before I decided I needed a big change and moved to Gainesville. Now I'm over Gainesville, and I want to go somewhere closer to the water.  There are pros and cons to each, but Pensacola may have more opportunities. The downside is that they are both very conservative places. Pensacola may be a bit more diverse without as many retirees and a more Southern flavor. I'm planning on visiting to find out more about it sometime next year.


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