November 18, 2015

Silent Spring is Even More Relevant Today

Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" was almost single-handedly responsible for the banning of DDT. We look around us and see all the destruction that has led us to this place where Global Climate Change is the biggest threat to our existence. We see corporations and those who are in the pockets of corporations screaming that Climate Change is not real, because they not only will not admit what they have done, but they want to squeeze every last penny out of the earth, no matter how many lives they destroy or how much they imperil our future.

So saving the planet really is up to us. We have to save our natural environment one tree, one plant, one animal at a time. Our government isn't going to help us. Corporations aren't going to help us. Only we can do it. If everyone planted one tree or one perennial every month for a year, if everyone grew one vegetable plant to help feed their families, if everyone gave $1 to an organization that cleans up the oceans and the air and saves endangered species, we could do this.

Christmas is upon us, and huge corporations like WalMart are counting on use to make them richer. Let's not do that! Instead of some useless piece of nothing this year, please donate to an environmental cause or plant a tree in someone's name, or if they are gardeners, send them seeds or a gift certificate from a nursery. Nobody in the world actually NEEDS another video game or more perfume. We NEED to replace what has been stolen from this planet and clean up the mess we have made.

Please don't be blinded by the sales and the bright lights and displays that entice you to SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! Please consider the environment this year. Even if you only do this for one friend or family member, all of us together can make a huge difference. Or maybe just buy them this book.


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