December 03, 2015

Terrorism and the Culture of Fear

 I don't know what to do this morning. I'm just so sad after reading the latest reports on the California shootings. I'm sad for all those who lost their lives and were injured. I'm sad for a 6-month old child who is now an orphan and will be forever branded the spawn of terrorists, and I truly cannot fathom what kind of mind would purposely do that to their child. I am sad that we brought this on ourselves by countless, useless wars and killing of innocent civilians over OIL. But mostly I'm sad that I knew this was coming, and I knew it was coming now, during the holiest Christian holiday season.

I don't blame their religion. These are insane extremists, and as we have seen in our own country, insanity knows no bounds of religion. Extremism is a religion unto itself, practiced by mentally ill people who enjoy hurting others. That's all it is. Psychopaths twisting religion to their own ends. Look at the KKK here and all the terroristic acts they committed in the past and you will see that it's hatred, not God, who sends them on their mission. I grew up in the south watching all that insanity as a child, in a world where blacks and whites could not even drink at the same water fountains or eat in the same restaurants. I don't want us to do that to another group of people, but it's inevitable that we will, because ignorance breeds fear and we all tend to label people and lump the good with the bad, like we did to the Japanese during WWII.

I refuse to live in fear. If they want to kill me, so be it. I worry for my children who both live in large cities. I worry for all the people out shopping preparing for Christmas who don't know if they will come home alive. If anyone wanted to kill Christmas, this is the way to do it. "Hello world, Christmas is cancelled this year because we are all too freaking afraid to go shopping." Amazon will benefit from this and WalMart will suffer, but most of all, the local Mom and Pop stores who depend on Christmas will be immeasurably harmed if people stop shopping out of fear.

My attitude is the same as the attitude of the students at Kent State after the National Guard mowed down students there exactly a week before my 18th birthday in 1970. They can't kill us all. Those who remain will come back stronger than ever. They have underestimated us. If they want to all die as martyrs to their cause, the war-mongering governments of the world will be happy to help them.

We are all Americans Please, for the sake of our country, forget race, religion and political affiliation and come together. They want to divide. Show them that we are Americans first, and if you hurt one of us, you hurt all of us.

Now in the immortal words of John Lennon...

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