January 26, 2017

It's Time to Crank This Baby Back Up!

I've been very slack about posting to this blog, but I want you to know that is no more. This shit has gotten real, and I need to let my opinion be known. In five -- count 'em, 5 -- days, Trump has done more damage to this country than we ever thought possible. Let me know if I miss anything. These are not necessarily in chronological order.
  1. Started the process of repealing Obamacare, promising it would be replaced by "Insurance for everyone," which sounds like a big gimme to the insurance industry to me. I hear Congress is really upset about this promise, since they have no intention of keeping it.
  2. Cut off funding to Planned Parenthood International by reinstating the Mexico City Policy which says no international agency can receive federal funds if they promote or perform abortions. I'm sure he and his cronies think this will kill Planned Parenthood, but they underestimate women so much, they don't understand how far we will go to keep it open. Hang on, cowgirls. This rodeo has just started!
  3. Shut down the EPA, effectively, by freezing all funding to all projects and put a gag order on all employees that included their social media accounts. Isn't that a violation of their first amendment rights? It sure sounds like one. In addition, won't shutting down the EPA put a shitload of people out of work? Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but he doesn't seem to care about putting educated people out of work, just uneducated nimrods that refuse to work anywhere but factories.
  4. Imposed a hiring freeze on all federal employees. Anyone with half a brain knows this will not keep the government from hiring people. They will just hire them from contract and temporary agencies. Oh well, at least they won't have to pay benefits -- but wait -- weren't they doing that already? Isn't half the NSA run by contractors? I believe Edward Snowden was one of those, wasn't he?
  5. Withdrew us from the TPP. O.K., I agree with this. He has also said he will renegotiate NAFTA, which I agree with too. Now if he would only get rid of H1-B visas, send all of those people back to Asia, and give their jobs back to the Americans that were laid off so they could hire them, I'd be delerious. Do you realize how many jobs that would open up for Americans? Not only the jobs now held by the visa holders, but the jobs taken by all of their family members who came over with them.
  6. Restarted the two oil pipeline projects we all hate, and the EPA can't say or do anything about it, because they are effectively shut down and defunded. That was a huge gift to the oil companies, hey? I don't even know what to say about this, except that it creates a bunch of temporary jobs, and only about 40 permanent jobs. Like I said, just a big "thank you" to the oil companies. They say he sold all his stock in the oil companies, but what do you want to bet he sold it to a shell corporation that he actually owns?
  7. Shut down our borders temporarily to immigration until a "vetting" process is put in place. It seems he will be shutting it down permanently to people from most middle-eastern countries, oh of course, except the oil people and their families -- they can come in. I wonder what he's going to do about all the middle-easterners over here on work and student visas? Will they have to be RE-vetted? This will be interesting.
  8. Put forth an executive order to build the wall. Isn't that a budgetary item? I didn't think you could order funding for something until Congress approved it, but he doesn't seem to be aware of that or care. I foresee him cutting off all foreign aid to Mexico to pay for the wall. I wouldn't think Mexico would be a great country to piss off, since they have a lot of drug cartels that would gladly blow his ass away if he interferes with their business dealings.
Did I get everything?

Other than that, he is STILL obsessed over  losing the popular vote, which I'm thinking is making Hillary Clinton laugh with glee. He mentions it everywhere he goes, which is making him a laughing stock more than he already is. Now he has said he will start an investigation into proving he is right that there were 3-5 million illegal votes for Hillary. How is he going to fund that, because Paul Ryan and most of congress has already said it's bullshit.

So I think this is it so far. Let me know in the comments what I missed. I do have to work, so I can't stay online checking up on this maniac for too long during the day.
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The Government is Already Outsourcing, and Has Been for Years

Don't worry about a freeze on federal jobs, most of them are temps working on contract anyway. Some of them are working remotely.

I just got off the phone with Social Security -- OMFG! This woman would not stop talking. I asked her a very pointed question, and she just kept reading everything about my account, which was totally irrelevant, and I had to interrupt her to get her back on track. Then she went off track again, not answering my question, so I had to interrupt her like FOUR TIMES to get the question answered. I finally ended up being rather rude, I guess, but I have limited minutes on my phone, and she was running them out. I finally said "Do you have adult ADD, because I've asked you this question three times and you keep just rattling on and not answering me. It's a simple question. Can you please just listen to me and answer my question?" She actually said "What was your question?" after I had repeated it three times already.

I'm relatively cognizant for someone 64 years old. I can't imagine how frustrated some of the older people get when dealing with this. I was told that SS outsources some of its customer service to people who work from home. Maybe I should apply for one of those jobs, because this is ridiculous! I actually had one person curse at me and hang up on me, and when I got a supervisor, he said they had no way to know who I had talked to because it was outsourced, and they were allowed not to use their real names. WTF??? This is what my tax dollars are paying for???

To top it all off, I still have two other appointments to get this all straightened out in time to get my Medicare. Why do they make it so hard?
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